Beginning Tablet Tablet Flyer HTC by HTC on Android version 2.3

HTC contrives to launch a tablet PC-ace juice in the first half-year 2011 with the initial model has been assured, that HTC Flyer, to be marketed in the United States launched the American market in March 2011, the info is found from the sources in the handset component suppliers. HTC Flyer, appearing like a large version of the HTC smartphone Desire, will run on Android 2.3.

Possible Flyer HTC HTC is a demonstration of which was leaked earlier hearsays Scribe which is a tablet size Android 3.0 7 inches. HTC will launch the tablet Flyer in cooperation with telecom operators, which aims to boost sales ahead of the launch of RIM’s Playbook tablet plan in March and Motorola Xoom in April.

Users also can upgrade the OS to Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) when the new OS is available. Flyer will be binding in other commercialises arcseconds early after part of 2011. HTC expected to launch two other tablets in June which will continue to Android 3.0.

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