Miro 4 Free Desktop Media Player which is also Open Source Best Supporting Android

Desktop software, open-source media player Miro 4 is the best available in the market at this time has been introduced by the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) in which this software lets you manage your digital music collection from your iTunes library for videos, playlists, and applications in one place , but it can also synchronize your digital library with Android devices as well.

Users can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of open source with the Miro 4, and will benefit from an elegant user interface, user-friendly. Miro 4 is available for download for PC, Mac and Linux systems.

Miro 4 is an open software where based on the concept of open networks, will enable users to access, share and control their digital media without shackled by proprietary constraints. Android users will benefit from the experience of synchronization that is fast, smooth, easy and consistent that it can be said to be one of the best desktop media player available.

Dave Glassco, President of the PCF, stated, “This Android mobile phone market share than the iPhone, but most people still use iTunes on their desktop. Desktop player has been a missing component to manage the media on Android.

if you are interested in this software, you can try it here

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