New Nimbuzz For Java 1.9.2

Nimbuzz mobile applications with the latest on new shades of season are now available and ready to be downloaded to all handsets running Java applications, including with several additional features. Yand application referred to is none other than Nimbuzz for Java 1.9.2

According to company records creators, the new integration of the software is intended to offer the possibility to its users to manage the status of his presence which is easier than ever. The presence of this latest application release turned out to have been carried by a series of new features, as well as with a series of improvements that will enhance the experience for its users.

Here are some key features of the latest Nimbuzz for Java 1.9.2, which includes:

-Invisible mode – appear invisible to your Nimbuzz contacts when you are actually online.

Notifiable-new icons – for contacts who have an application that is closed but available via push notification or Ping.
Liabilities verification phone number to chat-room

-Faster log
reduced consumption data – are expected to average consumption data is less than 50%, and it all depends on his use of Nimbuzz. Even the stunning, if its use as it could save 70% of the data used.

With the latest version of this application, those users who are interested to join the chat room to have her phone number has been verified. According to the development team, this will enhance the user experience received from this application, because access can be restricted for parties that will be flooded or post content that is not required.

Another modification is the latest version of this application with the icons Notifiable present, which is for current users who closed his Nimbuzz application, but still able to receive notification.

“Notifiable Icons is an icon with a check mark in the middle for Notifiable (reported) and are used only for contacts Nimbuzz his application had been closed but was still able to receive push (the iPhone) or Ping notification (on mobile Java and Symbian) “, explains the development team.

A series of improvements also included with the application of new flavors as well, including some matters related to connectivity problems, or various other software bugs that have been affected previously.

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