How to Preventing Malware Virus on HP Android

Blackberry seems gradually eliminated by Smartphone Android, especially since Samsung is very keen to produce mobile phones android at bargain prices, then no doubt, Android transformed into a new primadonna in the Indonesian mobile market.

However, from a myriad of advantages and sophistication android, there is one thing that the general problem, namely the vulnerability hp android malware virus. Surely the android users are not necessarily downloading the malware, because malware viruses usually hide behind the application of existing applications in the android market, example just in games.

For this reason, here will be given at least two tips on how to counteract the virus Malware from your favorite android hp.

1. Note the Author applications in android market

Do not forget to check the reputation of the creator of the application, whether good reputation or vice versa. If the developer is poor information, the better you  used to install the app on your phone.

2. Check the Ratings and reviews of applications to be installed

Try also to always see the ratting of the application we will use, whether it has a good rating, or vice versa. In the original application usually get a lot of ratings from multiple reviewers in the Android market, whereas a false application only provides less than twenty rating.

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